What is Church?

What is church anyway? What is the big deal? Why should anyone care?
Is it an organization? A Sunday event that people attend if it’s not too boring? Maybe it’s a place where the self-righteous and judgmental gather to pat one another on the back for being arrogant good-old-boys. Or perhaps it’s just a place where the ignorant and superstitious practice their blind faith, fearfully hoping to ward away evil.

These kind of views are common in society today and are typically based on very limited or no experience at all in being part of the church. To complicate the issue, church is full of people and it seems like people are the problem in church or outside of church. So many folks have been hurt by people in the church, whether leaders or just other attendees. It’s so easy to judge church by the actions of a few.

Here’s what I have come to know Church to be when it is truly about following the Lord Jesus: Church is the gathering of broken, imperfect and sinful people drawing near to a loving and redeeming God who is guiding them into His plan and blessings. There is so much more I could say but that’s how I see it right now. The center of the Church isn’t the organization or the pastors or the buildings, it’s the dynamic and real presence of the Lord Jesus Christ among His people in His Holy Spirit.

I have never believed in blind faith. I don’t want others to either. I enjoy serving God with people that are truly not self-righteous but instead are righteous because of the Love of God through the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son Jesus. I am convinced that anyone that seeks to find out if God is really real can and will find Him personally. I encourage you to try it out for yourself. I believe you will experience Him and be so glad you did!

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